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Quick fixes for business-critical Oracle ERP skills gaps, left by furloughing

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We understand that many organisations are pursuing cost-cutting measures, including furloughing staff. Unfortunately, this puts extra pressure on the remaining employees. Do they have the full range of skills required to deliver core business functions and utilise Oracle enterprise systems’ full potential?

To support businesses during these difficult times, we offer immediate espresso shots of training to fill critical ‘furlough’ knowledge gaps.





Do you need help?

We’re currently running an online consultation twice a day between ssr free.


Our experienced account managers will be available
live via  chatbot to discuss and consult on quick solutions to your specific Oracle ERP challenges and issues.

The advantages of effective training
Unlock the full potential of new technology with training
Unlock the full potential of new technology

Trained employees are confident to use the new system’s capabilities.

New efficiencies in your business

A trained user is 4 times faster to achieve the same skill level as an untrained one.

ssr free
Boost productivity and happiness

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Drive business ROI

Organisations invested in training their workforce are rewarded by a boost of profitability and ROI.

Training tailored, delivered in days

Each project is unique. Our tailored training will be delivered in a way that works best for you. We train people in a number of different ways. Select one or a combination of these options to build a perfect learning program.

Live virtual classes

Is your team spread across a variety of locations or time zones? Then justssr安卓下载 is the perfect solution.

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  • Increased training flexibility and reduced delivery cost.
  • Direct interaction with our experts.
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We provide a whole host of pre-recorded training, ranging from one-off courses to an entire library via a subscription.

  • Upskill learners with pre-recorded training courses whenever and wherever it suits them.
  •  Subscriptions are ideal for learners who wish to adopt many training courses or keep fully abreast of certain technologies as they are enhanced.
  • Subscriptions cover the latest and up-to-date technological enhancements.
On-the-job guidance tools

ERP and enterprise systems are complicated and often not used regularly for some processes. We recommend guided learning, or an ‘in-application’ guidance tool, which can be highly effective for enterprise systems adoption.

Fudgelearn provides a number of solutions to cater to these tools and give users the on-the-job support while using these systems.

Variety of learning content

We fully understand that different learners benefit from differing types of learning content. Therefore, we offer content that employees can use for their own style of learning, including

  • webinars
  • video explanations & walkthroughs
  • demonstrations
  • job aids
  • quick reference guides (QRG)
  • handouts
  • learning paths
  • training guides.

Once a TNA has been undertaken, we can discuss the right content and context to support your business users in the best way.

Book a free TNA

Targeting the business knowledge gaps

We’ll develop an impactful tailored training programme that targets your priorities and helps plug your skills gaps.

Training can be scoped, written and delivered in a matter of days.  Moreover, everything we do we do remotely!

1. Schedule a free consultation – Book a no-obligation consultation to discuss your challenges and goals

2. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to develop your tailored training programme  – We assess the size and scope of your project, plus the needs of your business and your learners, to develop a personalised training plan that’s specific to you and your system

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Book a free TNA

A step-by-step guide to closing training gap
Training your IT team
Help technical teams make your technology work harder for your business
Training for your employees
Plug your furlough skills gaps with targeted training to help your staff deliver core business functions
Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Our work begins with a Training Needs Analysis. Understanding your needs allows us to develop a cost-effective learning program customised to your exact needs.


ssr free
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Hear it first hand
What our customers think of our trainings.
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